Support for Inter-Parental Conflict

AI-Generated image of 2 parents having an intense conversation, close to each other. The AI is poor enough that they could be angry, sad, or deep in thought.

There are financial incentives available for families interested in the Support for Inter-Parental Conflict Program (SIPCO). This can include separated parents, as well as where one of the parents no longer lives in BCP.
Contact Jessica to find out more details, on how they can help to support and improve your relationship. With the stresses that the parents of children with SEND often feel, this may be a useful tool.



07423 782590,

or https://fid.bcpcouncil.gov.uk/family-information-directory/information/family-hubs/healthy-relationships

To download a copy of the poster, or see it in full, please click the link below.

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