SENDiass4BCP represent the parent, carer, child or young person. We cannot represent you, but will support you to advocate your views.
SENDiass4BCP can recommend suitable schools. As an impartial service, we are not able to make recommendations, but we can provide you with the information for you to make an informed decision.
SENDiass4BCP Officers are specialists in the needs of the CYP they support. We will endeavour to have a good understanding of the child / young person’s needs in order to provide you with the best support, however, we will never know or understand your child / young person’s needs as much as you.
SENDiass4BCP can make the local authority make decisions. We can advise you of the law and the responsibilities of the local authority and schools or colleges, but we do not have the authority to enforce it. We can however provide you with the support for you to take necessary action if this is your choice.
SENDiass4BCP can overturn decisions made by a school or the local authority. We can provide you with the information and support you to appeal a decision made by the local authority, but we have no influence with the decisions that are made.

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