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SENDiass4BCP Webinar – Parent / Carer and Child Contributions
What is an Annual Review of an Education, Health and Social Care (EHC) plan?

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If you have an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP), it should be reviewed at least every year.

If there have been big changes in your life, your plan can be reviewed more often.

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An Education, Health and Care plan (EHCP) is a plan all about:

  • Your special educational needs
  • The support you need
  • The outcomes you want

Special education needs are where a child or young person needs some extra help to take part in lessons at school or college

Preparing for your review meeting

Your school or college will help you get ready for your review meeting.

Your review meeting is important because it is all about what you want to do and the support you need to do it.

In your review meeting, you can say what you have been doing and what you want to do next.

You can use photos, films or PowerPoint to help you say what you want.

Your school or college will help you.

You can come to all of your review meeting or part of your review meeting. It’s your choice.

If you do not come to your review meeting, you should make sure that someone knows your views and can speak for you. This is really important.

Your review matters because it is your chance to say what you want in your life.

You can ask SENDiass4BCP to support you to gather and put across your views, to ensure your voice is heard.

Your review meeting

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You can invite your parents or carers to you review meeting.

You can invite other people who are important to you to your review meeting.

Other people who help support you will come to your review meeting – like your teacher or health professionals.

Someone from the local authority (LA) may attend your meeting to help make any plans to support you.

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You can say what you like and what you do not like in your review meeting.

You can say what support is working and what support is not working.

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A really important part of your review meeting is preparing for the future, you may have heard this being called preparing for adulthood.

Preparing for adulthood is when you think about what you want to do when you are older.

In your review you can tell people about what you want to do when you are older.

This will be put in your plan so that everyone knows what you want and can make sure you have the support you need.

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If you don’t understand something in your review meeting- please ask.

Remember – this is about your plan and you need to be happy with it.

After the meeting

After your review meeting your plan may stay the same or change. What matters is that it is a good plan for you.

If you don’t need a plan anymore, it will stop.

You will get a report all about the review meeting within two weeks of the meeting.

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