We are always looking to improve the service which we provide. If you have accessed our services, we’d really appreciate you answering the following questions to let us know how we did.

You can provide your feedback anonymously, or leave your contact details at the end if you would like us to discuss your feedback with you.

1. How easy was it to get in touch with us?(required)

2. How helpful was the information, advice and support we gave you?(required)

3. How neutral, fair and unbiased do you think we were?(required)

4. How much of a difference do you think SENDiass4BCP made for you?(required)

5. Overall, how satisfied were you with the service you received?(required)

6. How likely is it you would recommend us to others?(required)

8. Do you feel your family's needs are now better understood?(required)

9. Do you feel you now have a better relationship with the educational provider?(required)

10. Do you feel more involved with educational decisions?(required)

11. Do you feel more confident?(required)

12. Do you feel happier/less worried about the future?(required)

13. Do you feel you benefited as a result of SENDiass4BCP being involved?(required)

14. Do you feel you have greater understanding of rights for children and young people with SEND?(required)

15. Which best describes yourself?(required)

16. Which area do you live in?(required)

18. Are you happy for us to share any of youR feedback anonymously on our web site or on social media?(required)

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